Our Service


We guarantee the quality of the fruits from which the juice is extracted according to the highest quality standards.


We made your days easier  with a simple control panel that allows you to easily order and control all your transactions and requests.

Fixed Rates

Control your company's expenses through our fixed prices, which contributes to the stability and development of your company.


Integrated reports on your juice purchases that enable you to follow all the details of your transactions. This helps you to make the right decision to better grow and manage your company.

orders Schedule 

We are pleased to have the ability to schedule your orders on a daily or weekly basis, and this enables you to specify the days and times of delivery in line with your schedule and your needs.

Returns gurantee

We guarantee the quality of our products and you have the right to return any products if you are not satisfied with them.

Account Agent Manager

In our endeavor to create an exceptional experience with us, we provide you with an account manager who dedicates his time to follow up your requests, problems and account details, and makes sure you get the service you deserve

Payment`s flexibility 

We offer you a variety of payment Methods, you can pay and buy with cash, or via weekly or monthly billing and pay at the end of each period

Earnest of Partnership 

We offer you free advice from our employees. What is the appropriate product for your facility according to your target customer segment?.

Smooth delivery 

We provided you with delivery and follow-up efforts, as we deliver products to you in your place by means of delivery that meet food safety standards